What's Up With Puffer Coats? Why Are Bubble Jackets So Popular?

What's Up With Puffer Coats? Why Are Bubble Jackets So Popular?

Puffer coats are popular among urban hip-hop and grunge-wear fashion aesthetics. Find out why puffer jackets are so popular.

Here's a good question: Why are puffer jackets so popular in the 2020s? Well, aside from being warm, they look great, especially with streetwear, hip-hop, rocker and grunge fashion aesthetics.  

Puffer coats are drip for styling on the street. The mainstream fashion world refers to them as quilted jackets or bubble jackets, but the bottom line is whatever you call them, a puffer is your premiere coat for looking dope af.

What is a Puffy Jacket? 

Puffer jacket definition: A lightweight, usually waist-length coat filled with soft stuffing and stitched in sections to create a quilted, "puffy" look.

First, let’s talk facts. Puffer jackets feature a signature quilted design, creating an inflated look between the stitching. They are filled with insulated fibers like down feathers or synthetic fibers, which keep you warm and comfortable on cold winter days. Think Eddie Bauer, one of the first puffer jacket designers who spent hours and hours outside in colder than cold temps. That guy started a fashion staple piece icon that still lives strong today. Who knew the puffer coat trend would take it to the streets!

History of the puffy coat

Unlike denim, leather, and wool coats, puffers are lightweight and great for layering. Although the puffer coats phenomenon exploded a whole new rapper-style scene in the 90s, they actually have roots all the way back to the 30s. Damn! That’s some long-lasting style.

The puffy coat enjoyed 15 minutes of fame in the mid-1990s in a classic episode of "Seinfeld," when George wore a huge puffer coat, that, of course, drew heckles from his friends (and caused a disaster in a liquor store). Who knew George Costanza would be a trendsetter?

Through the years, puffers have kept generations of folks warm in extreme temperatures. Today, puffer jackets have evolved into a really cool streetwear must-have. Oversized styles, vibrant colors, loud graphics, and elevated silhouettes top the outerwear charts. A-lister celebrities, rap royalty, and sexy supermodels are all sporting the puffer piece. There are everyday mainstream puffer coats and then there are streetwear rocking puffer coats. But it's the true blue rock-and-roller graphics and color combos that turn up the volume on this one-of-a-kind style.

Rockstar Original keeps close designer dibs on the puffer coat trend. A lightweight puffer is all about urban casual with hip hop aesthetic. Our designs keep you warm and looking hot! With features like long and short lengths, detachable faux fur lined hoods, zip-close pockets, elastic ribbed wrist cuffs, and durable zipper closures, you’ll find a look that works perfectly for you. 

Here’s what's trending:

Paint Inspired Perfection

It's all about the graphics when it comes to puffer coats with paint splatters. Our Curry 2.0 Puffer Jacket is anything but basic. Splatter paint-inspired graphics and bright ombre fabric will heat any winter street scene. The removable hood with faux fur provides options. The front features the Rockstar Original logo, custom paint detailing, and the back has the message, ‚ÄúStop following me,‚ÄĚ to add to the allure. Pair with your favorite patchwork jeans and kicks and you're good to go this season.

Mid-Length Metallic Magic

The dope Hayes Mid-Length Puffer Jacket is puffy perfection. The metallic sheen is the new puffer go-to color this year. Mid-length provides dramatic warmth and style, and enough room for layering with your favorite hoodie. The removable hood offers options. For freezing or bad hair days, a beanie hat is a perfect add-on underneath. Take the hood completely off for a reversed leveled up look. Top it off with a matching trucker hat or bucket hat. 

Less Is More

Sometimes a less-is-more-look speaks volumes on the street. Minimal graphics with maxed-out style is the Rockstar Original Bryson Puffer Jacket. A token take on graphics brings through the sleek fabric and puffer style. Your personality and attention to detail shine with this regular fit jacket to show off your favorite threads. The removable hood gives you a two-for-one styling.

Marble Must Have

Leave it to the 70s to throw back the far-out marbling trend that is handsome and hot on puffers. The Rockstar Original Giovan Puffer has the look, finished off with custom marble graphics. This look will heat things up while keeping you cool and collected. Go ahead, wear your favorite tracksuit swag, or dig it in denim. Throw down the removable hood and customize a legendary look that conquers the day your original way.

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