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Dope Watch Styles for Men: 5 Types of Watches

Dope Watch Styles for Men: 5 Types of Watches

For the watch-loving man or the collector, these are five different styles of watches that every time-appreciating man should have.

A wristwatch is a signature mark of a well-dressed man. It’s the accessory that completes a look, no matter what you’re wearing. We’re talking your favorite Rockstar Original track sets, kicks, denim jeans and hoodies. The right watch coordinates with other essential accessories like chunky chains, rings and bracelets. There's a watch out there for you, or an entire collection for that matter. Famed rappers and red-carpet-walking celebs are known to have multiple watches in their impressive collections. 

Rapper JAY-Z is said to have a substantial watch collection and changes into a different one for every concert set. We've also seen a "double wristing" trend by big-name celebs (LeBron, Billie Eilish, Drake) wearing two watches, one on each wrist, usually a high-end Rollie paired with a smartwatch (Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Fitbit, Google Pixel, etc.). They can also be worn on the same wrist.

All you really need is one banging watch to make your statement. A watch portrays your cool, classy side and shows you know a thing or two about style. It doesn’t matter if you need to “watch your time”  or not, a watch is a must-have accessory.

Take a look at the types of watch styles for men who prefer the urban streetwear fashion aesthetic from Rockstar Original.

Dress Watches

Understated but sleek and smooth, dress watches are perfect for your street-style vibe. Think Rolex and the well-dressed 9-to-5 men who understand that all you need is a great watch on your wrist to get things going. Or rappers who have crazy money and invest in over-the-top collections. You don’t have to have a Rolex or be a millionaire to look and feel like a million bucks though.

Outstanding dress watches are available for every budget. Even JAY-Z is known to wear a few inexpensive brands because he appreciates American icons. It might take some time for you to find the dress watch of your dreams, but enjoy the process. Look for special details like leather, silver, gold or platinum bands, and a face with simplicity and a lightweight design. Less is more here, which makes a dress watch perfect for mixing and layering with various bracelets.

Field Watches

You've got fashion goals. Level up with a time-keeping, iconic field watch. This ruggedly designed timepiece, created back in the day for brave military men, lands a basic, yet utilitarian vibe. This workhouse portrays you as confident, strong, and in your own stand-out style. 

Make it a signature accessory you wear day and night, and you'll always be on point and on time. We'd say, "play the field" with this dependable time tool. The ladies love their main man styled in an impressive field watch. Roll up your sleeves and layer on the bling, or go for the 'less is more' vibe and wear it as the main accessory.

Racing Watch

Land an ultra-cool cuff with a racing watch. If you love a bit of color mixed with other silver and gold around your wrist, a racing watch is the one to be seen with on the street scene. This super style will step up your drip and become your favorite accessory. 

Race car drivers love this sportier, packed with attitude, watch because it is colorful, full of spirit, and has tons of character. Impress the ladies (and all your friends) with the ultra-smart built-in tachometer that converts speed into time and time into speed. Slow down, Romeo. Go ahead and take a well-deserved victory lap with a race driver-approved watch wrapped around your wrist.

Pilot Watch

Fly your fashion sky-high with a pilot watch, also called an aviator watch. Think about the movie "Top Gun," and Maverick's need for speed. If you are a nostalgic type, you'll love this watch and the history behind it. Rumor has it, a watch was worn by aviators during the very first airplane flight ever. 

Pilot watches score cool styling for their chunky, oversized design. Loaded with over-the-top functional features and dials, it's sure to rock your right-now street wear style. Pop on a sleek pair of aviator shades, a Rockstar Original bomber jacket, and you're good to go.

Dive Watch

The classic dive watch has it all. Dynamite looks, fabulous function and sizzling style. This heavy-duty player was created for adventurous divers in mind. Its claim to fame is it is waterproof feature and its ability to take on moisture, impact and water pressure. It's a bit weighty and loads up your wrist, but it's worth it. 

Although you probably won't be diving deep in the ocean soon, a dive watch is perfect for carrying on your urban land-locked street style.