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Matching Outfit Ideas for Family Photo

Matching Outfit Ideas for Family Photo

Matchy matchy outfits and coordinated outfit ideas for families who want to show their styles and personalities. Cool, comfortable and timeless looks for fams.

Choosing coordinated outfits for the family photoshoot can be as much fun as the day of the shoot itself! Seriously! Don’t let this part stress you out, trying to find just the right look for the photos! 

First things first: Do you plan to dress head to toe in identical ‘fits? Or will you coordinate your looks to complement each other? 

We are bigger fans of the latter — Yes, the white T-shirt and jeans look of the 2010s was cool. But it was also a little safe and, dare we say, more than a little basic? 

Today, family photos are more about choosing a coordinated “look” rather than a matchy-matchy outfit. 

Coordinated vs Matching Outfits for Family Pictures

If matchy-matchy outfits aren't your thing, we feel you. It's not for everyone. In fact, in our opinion, coordinated looks make better photos than the matching look. The photos become artful display pieces on your walls and on IG. 

Plus, tastefully coordinated looks will be less likely to end up on AwkwardFamilyPhotos in 10 to 20 years.

Instead of matching outfits where your minis wear scaled down, twin versions of your looks, choose a theme that runs through everyone's outfits: 

  • A color or a print, such as a bold red, royal blue, a deep orange or tie-dye urban wear
  • A fabric with a twist, such distressed denim
  • An accessory, such as matching ball caps or sunglasses
  • A coordinated style, such as athleisure aesthetic two-piece tracksuits or grunge-style graphic tees and denim

Photoshoot Outfits for the Urban Fam

Colorful and bright Rockstar Original matching tracksuits for you and your kiddos are perfect to showcase your family’s personalities. Your Mini Me’s deserve to rock their looks and can, thanks to Rockstar Original for Kids

We should include a warning, though: With these coordinated outfits for family photos, your kids will steal the spotlight. 

We've replicated our favorite looks for men and women for kids. Check out our new arrivals for Girls: flare denim, matching track and denim sets, tees and distressed denim. Just like mom and pops! For Boys, we've got matching tracksuits, coordinated denim sets, hoodies and dope 'fits just like dad.

Coordinate the colors and patterns, and find a dope background for added heat. A cool old brick building or stone wall makes the perfect backdrop for graffiti-styled denim and your family's stylish drips.

Outfit Ideas for Mommy and Me Photoshoot

Twinning with Mommy & me: Dress up your little Rockstars in the same look alike threads as you! Rockstar Original makes it easy to “strike a pose” together. Pop on a chic black puffer jacket and black distressed jeans. The gals can enhance the look with over-the-top oversized black shades, platform white sneaks and a dope designer bag. The boys can top it off with a supreme black trucker cap. Rockstar Original has tons of inspiration for mommy and me photoshoot outfit ideas on our Insta.

Tips For Getting the Most From the Family Photoshoot

OK, outfits aside, here are tips from our experts (parents who’ve been-there-done-that) to get the best photos!

  • Let the kids have a say in what they wear, even if you don’t love their looks. In decades to come, you’ll have the perfect memory of their little bursts of independence and personal style. 
  • Check with the photographer ahead of time to see if they allow outfit changes. This is also a great way to compromise with your ‘Lil Rockstars. Some photographers charge extra for outfit changes. Their time, after all, is their money.
  • Avoid the hangries by making sure everyone’s well-fed before the photoshoot. 

Remember, your kids feed off your energy. Relax, have fun and be sure to tag us in your RSO family photos!