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How To Level Up Your Drip While Wearing Denim

How To Level Up Your Drip While Wearing Denim

When it comes to building fire new ’fits, you can’t go wrong with adding denim to your look. Here, we break down how to level up your drip while wearing denim.

When it comes to style, some people like to stick to the status quo. But for the style icons of the world who create new fire looks, it’s all about moving forward. But you don’t have to put out your own line to elevate your look. You don’t even need to spend 200 dollars.

All you need are the essentials—some good denim and a whole lot of style—and learning how to level up your drip while wearing denim is easy.

Change Up the Color

People have been saying “blue jeans” so much that it makes people think that’s your only option when it comes to your denim. But you can get jeans in almost any color under the sun: black, white, grey, even bolder colors like red or pink. That means you can craft eye-catching looks that go with literally any ’fit.

Switch Up the Wash

And even if you do want to stick with blue, you don’t have to be stuck with the same shade of navy. That’s why there are so many different types of washes when it comes to denim. Your basic types are dark, medium, and light, but there are tons of ways to remix these types.

  • Acid wash: This ’80s look is coming back. When you add some soaked pumice stones to the wash, every pair of jeans has a one of a kind faded look.
  • Stonewash: Stonewash is similar to acid wash; just this time, the stones aren’t covered in acid. The fade patterns on stonewash jeans are wider for a cleaner, more low-key look.
  • Whiskering: this is one look we go hard on with our biker jeans. Whiskering gives you a fade pattern across the creases of the jeans for a BA look.

Go Graphic

Graphics aren’t just for your cotton tees anymore. Denim graphics can hit any spot on the bold spectrum. If you want to keep your outfit chill, you can add a few little graphic pops like the stars on our Dominic Patch jeans or the dragon on our Nikita jeans.

If you’re not about keeping your looks on the down low, then dial those graphics up. Our Dripper denim jackets or our Beachy shorts are the perfect examples of how far you can go with graphics for an unforgettable look.

Personalize Your Denim

Even with the biggest selection of graphics, you may still have trouble finding that look that perfectly captures your personality. You know what they say: if you want something done right, do it yourself.

If you want to make your denim look your own, try adding your own personal touches. For example:

  • Use paint stencils
  • Draw designs with a permanent marker
  • Iron or sew on patches
  • Add studs
  • Glue on rhinestones
  • Distress your denim your way.

This kind of personalization works really well for jackets, but you can do it to any kind of denim, from jeans to shorts.

Explore Different Jean Styles

When it comes to leveling up your denim style, you have to know what your options are. Otherwise, you’re like a musician using the same rhythm or an artist using the same color. If you’re feeling a little jean illiterate, let us school you on some jean vocab.

  • Skinny jeans: a pair of jeans that hug your legs, showing off your body
  • Boot cut: jeans that sit lower on the hips, hug your legs, then flare out at the hem
  • Flared jeans: all the fun of the boot cut with an even wider flare at the bottom (though not as wide as your Funkadelic bell bottoms)
  • Biker jeans: these have a skinny fit with a thick ribbing like you’d find on motocross jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans: these are high-waisted jeans with a loose fit that you cuff at the bottom—like the type you would steal from your boyfriend’s closet
  • High-waisted jeans: these jeans can have a loose or skinny fit, but they ride higher up on the waist
  • Distressed jeans: this is another jean style that isn’t bound to a certain kind of cut. Distressed jeans have worn spots, holes, or patches.

The jean style wheel has been turning for the last few years, so now you can see people rocking almost every style and cut of jeans. So don’t worry about trying to find the “right cut.” Experiment, explore, and find the jeans that make you feel hot.

Do a Fit Inventory

We’ve all had this happen to us. We’re looking at our latest denim fit in the mirror, it’s just not hitting the way we want it to, and we can’t figure out why. If it’s not the color or the cut, it may just not be the right size.

If you’ve been wearing your jeans or jackets tight, maybe it’s time to try a bigger size. Or if you’ve been wearing things baggy, try going smaller. Switching it up may be just what you need to take your denim drip to the next level.

Layer It Up

Your denim outfit isn’t just about the denim, especially if you’re rocking a denim jacket. To really complete the look, you want to layer it up to make your denim pop. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Layer a denim jacket over a shirt or sweatshirt
  • Put a thicker jacket like a leather or puffer jacket over a denim jacket
  • Layer graphic or colored denim over layers that match. For example, layer our Riku denim jacket over our red Kenan t-shirt.
  • Layer denim on denim.

When you’re layering denim on denim, remember all the different denim choices you have available. If you’re not into wearing the same color head to toe, try switching up the wash or color from layer to layer.

Other Types of Denim Pieces

Jeans and jackets are usually the only denim drip people go for. But if you want that little something to push your look over the edge, look for that denim statement piece. Adding a denim clutch or bucket hat to your look will help you take your coordination game to new heights.

There are about a million ways to rock denim in the streetwear world. That’s why Rockstar Original has the denim streetwear you need to pump up your style.

How To Level Up Your Drip While Wearing Denim