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How to Choose a Durable Winter Coat

How to Choose a Durable Winter Coat

Temperatures drop and your layer of clothing rises – here’s everything you need to know about investing in the perfect winter coat this season!

Have you ever found yourself noticing all the people around you with great-looking winter jackets and versatile bubble coats and thought to yourself, “Why don’t I have one of those?” It may seem like a pretty manageable task to go out and purchase a simple bubble coat for the winter, but it can get a little more complicated than what meets the eye. You’ll have to consider many factors to get the most bang for your buck because let’s be real… winter coats are not cheap! So, we’ve created this winter coat buying guide to take away all the ambiguity from the equation and leave you with the answers you need.

Sizing: How should a winter coat fit?

When deciding on a size, it’s important to consider if you will be layering your coat. Will this coat be a fashionable winter statement piece or will it be a versatile layering piece for outdoor adventures? Even if it will be a mix of both, sizing up is a good idea to ensure more mobility and durability. You want your investment in a winter coat to last you more than one season so opt for a size that you can be flexible with. Getting a jacket that fits perfectly will probably only last for a short time and won’t be the best long-term investment.

Fabric and Insulation: Best material for jackets 

The second most important factor to consider is the fabric and insulation of your coat. Remember you are buying this coat for a specific reason and season – you will want to opt for the most functional and durable design with fabrics that are meant to withstand harsh weather conditions. The best types of fill to look for in a great winter jacket is one of the following:

  • Down fill: What is a down jacket? Down fill is the most light-weight insulation traditionally made from the undercoat of birds to make coats “light as a feather.” How warm are down jackets? This will be the warmest lightweight jacket for men, women and kids.
  • Synthetic polyester: Synthetic polyester is a down alternative, or a synthetic version constructed from polyester microfiber. It is cheaper, vegan-friendly and more durable than traditional down fill. Though it is not as lightweight as traditional down fill, it is a great alternative and still one of the best lightweight warm jacket choices. 
  • Cotton fill: Coats made with cotton fill are good insulation but not water-resistant and heavier than synthetic and down fill.
  • Wool fill: Wool-fill jackets are the most impressive type of outerwear in regards to insulation but it is also not water-resistant and much heavier than synthetic and down fill.

Is wool or down warmer? They both proved excellent insulation, but down tends to hold heat better. Also, because down is naturally water resistant, it's a better jacket for snow and rain.

Special Features

Again, depending on where you plan to wear your winter coat, some special features will be essential and others will not. The best and most durable winter jackets will have most, if not all of the following special features:

  • A hood: removable hoods or attached are essential to keep your head warm throughout the winter days.
  • High-quality zippers: zippers will help with insulation in the harshest of conditions. Two-way zippers are even better for added convenience.
  • Adjustable bungee cords: also a great feature to ensure optimal insulation and versatility.
  • Multiple pockets: this is a must-have feature for the most convenience for outdoor activities. Security pockets and hidden pockets are always great additions to look for in the perfect winter coat.
  • Cuffs: Ribbed knit trims or adjustable Velcro cuffs will help keep you warm and comfortable when adding additional layers underneath.

Winter coats come in a variety of designs and colors so choosing one that suits your personal style will be the easy part. The hardest part is finding a style that suits your lifestyle best. If there is absolutely one thing you leave with after all of these tips, it should definitely be the sizing! A puffer coat that you can’t layer when it’s meant to be worn in super cold conditions will be a waste in the end and you may be disappointed with your purchase! Be sure to size up if you’re buying online if you plan to wear your puffer coat outdoors – however if you’re looking for just another fire outerwear style to wear casually, your regular size should be just fine. When you’re ready to invest in a great puffer coat of your own, check out the latest styles Rockstar Original has designed in house for Winter 2022!