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Fashion Mistakes That are Ruining Your Style

Fashion Mistakes That are Ruining Your Style

Following Old-School Rules

People have been talking about fashion mistakes that ruin your style forever , so there is a lot of advice that you might be following without thinking about it. But since some of these rules literally came out in the 1800s, it’s about time we reassessed(read as: rejected) some of them.

“Don’t Wear White After Labor Day”

Do you want to know why people say don’t wear white after Labor Day? It’s because the bougie housewives of the late 1800s needed a way to exclude people who were “new money.” It’s the 21st century, we don’t need that kind of negativity. Wear that all white snow-bunny coat with the matching fur-lined boots. White in the winter just makes sense.

“Tall Girls Shouldn’t Wear Heels”

This is another outdated fashion rule that is based on a whole lot of negativity, specifically looking down on women who have a little height. Ladies, if you’re tall, embrace it like the goddess you are. Own your beautiful legs that go for miles in those gorgeous stiletto heels.

“Don’t Mix Prints”

More and more, the fashion world is tossing out the idea that everyone is only allowed to wear one pattern at a time. And street fashion, as always, is at the forefront of the charge. Here are a few ways people are proudly reppin’ all their favorite prints:

  • Mixing prints with different scales (example: wide stripes over small polka dots)
  • Using different patterns with the same colors (example: a cheetah print jacket with yellow and brown striped pants)
  • Featuring one print with a second print as an accent (example: a patterned tracksuit with a different pattern shirt underneath)
  • Adding an accessory with a different print (example: a purse or clutch with a pattern)

“Don’t Wear Denim on Denim”

This look has been controversial since it hit the fashion scene back in the eighties, especially for people who call it the cowboy look or “the Canadian Tuxedo.” First off, what did cowboys or Canadians ever do to them? Second, there are plenty of ways to rock this look without it appearing like you’ve just come in from the ranch.

Break up the denim with a patterned or bright colored shirt or incorporate colors right into the denim itself with our Rockstar denim jackets. You can also mix two different colors or styles of denim, like wearing a blue denim jacket with black denim pants.

You’re Not Taking Care of Your Threads

Distressed clothes are the height of fashion. But there is a difference between distressing clothes as a look and just ignoring your clothes’ needs. Here are some clothing-care mistakes you should avoid:

  • Washing denim too often (recommended time is every six weeks)
  • Washing clothes on super high heat
  • Using too much detergent
  • Not zipping up zippers before washing
  • Over-drying clothes

Even the dopest outfit loses its luster when it’s worn out. Keep your clothes fresh and you’ll never lose that, “What, this outfit? Yeah, I just bought it” feel.

You Have the Wrong Take on Size

Any fashion blog will tell you size is important, but where a lot of people get it wrong is how truly important it is. We’ll make sizing simple. Does it fit? We aren’t talking about does it “flatter” you; we mean literally does it stay on your body. Can you move? Is everything tucked in that’s supposed to be tucked in? Are you stepping on the bottoms of your jeans? Are your shoes flying off your feet every time you try to dance? And, most importantly, are you comfortable?

That’s it. Thinking about what kinds of clothes you should wear for your “body type”? Throw it out the window. Body type blogs are designed to tell you that only certain clothes will make you attractive because they minimize some aspects of your body and maximize others. Embrace every inch of yourself and don’t let your body type be the thing that stops you from buying an outfit.

Dimming Your Light in the Day

Everyone puts on their best and brightest when they’re going out on the town. Bold colors, sparkling sequins, and studs for miles. But just because you aren’t going to a house party or a concert, doesn’t mean you have to put the bling away. Time of day doesn’t have to dictate your fashion choices. Bring on the bold and let your light shine.

Only Dressing To Trends

Let’s be clear about one thing—there is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that are on trend. They’re trends for a reason. The issue is when you let them dictate your entire style. Maybe you only wear something if it’s currently trending, or you avoid wearing something trendy because it’s going to go out of fashion. Don’t be afraid of looking at trends for inspiration and embracing them when they’re around, but keep your style horizons open, too.

You Avoid Risk

When it comes to fashion, sometimes people get so afraid of getting it wrong that they’re scared to try anything new. This is the kind of attitude that leads to relying on the same things you’ve always done. Fashion is all about trying something new or different and it’s totally subjective. Whatever you wear, we can guarantee that someone out there isn’t going to like it. Don’t let it kill your vibe. If you feel fly, wear it. If you wear the outfit and decide you hate it, then you haven’t lost anything either.

You Don’t Discover Your Style

At the end of the day, all these mistakes can boil down to the same idea—don’t let a bunch of arbitrary rules about what you should and shouldn’t wear dictate your style. Take the time to decide what you really like wearing, and don’t be afraid to experiment and let your style evolve with you. You have style. It’s time you show it off for the whole world to see!

Fashion Mistakes That are Ruining Your Style