Stylish Ways to Wear Streetwear in the Summer

Stylish Ways to Wear Streetwear in the Summer

While many people wear streetwear for cooler seasons, you can wear it in the summer as well. Here are some stylish ways to wear streetwear in the summer.

Streetwear is a type of comfortable clothing typically associated with cooler seasons. But you need clothes to make yourself look as hot as the sun this summer. Don’t sweat it! You can still rock streetwear this season. Check out this guide for stylish ways to wear streetwear in the summer.

Work Your Shirt and Shorts

Shorts are a huge part of summer fashion. Biker shorts for women are popular this year, and you can wear them with shirts of any color. In addition to biker shorts for women, high-waisted jean shorts are always sexy and always in. You can wear them with crop tops, tank tops, and T-shirts. In cooler weather, you can even rock these shorts with a baggier hoodie. Men’s poly shorts are perfect for summer. The sporty fabric is thin enoughto keep you cool in extremely hot weather. For some epic shirt choices, check out Rockstar’s men’s streetwear shirts.

Style Your Jeans

Even though it is hot in the summer, that doesn’t mean you have to save your jeans for fall. You can style your jeans to continue feeling comfortable in them in summer. For women, wearing bright-colored jeans with a crop top will look cute and still feel cool enough for the weather. Thin jeans pair well with crop tops or lightweight shirts to help both women and men stay comfortable. We sell plenty of options, so you can rock a new outfit each day.

Continue Wearing Sneakers

Although many people prefer to wear sandals in the summer, you can also enjoy wearing heavier sneakers year-round. If you want your shoes to really stand out, wear fluorescent shoes with black denim shorts and a blue shirt. Another way to make your shoes stand out is to dress them up with a design and pair them with a shirt and shorts that are the same solid color. Just because the heat kicked up, doesn’t mean your shoe game has to suffer.

Add Accessories That Are Useful for Any Season

While you’re picking out a great pair of shoes, why not add some accessories? Here are a few ideas to make your look stand out.

Show Off the Shades

Sitting in the shade is a great way to protect your eyes from the blinding sun. But when you decide to go for a walk, it is a great idea to wear a sweet pair of shades. Black sunglasses go with pretty much any outfit. To really stand out, find some rims that will go with different-colored tops. You can wear shades with our fluorescent, tie-dyed, and summer-themed shirts.

Top It Off With a Hat

Hats can effortlessly level up your style. As a bonus, unlike sunglasses, hats can protect your face on sunnier days. A hat will compliment any outfit—whether you want to pair it with your athleisure or wear it with jeans and a T-shirt. Go bold with bright color combinations or keep it cool with all black.

Add Some Bling

Your outfit already looks on-point, but some bling will help you really shine. You don’t have to wear anything really fancy or expensive—go for a shiny or metallic piece of jewelry available at any price that you’ll feel proud to wear. For instance, choose a bracelet that has sentimental value. Wear a necklace with a meaningful emblem—they can be different colors to complement the rest of your fit.

Women can wear jewelry with shorts and t-shirts as well as dresses. If you’re wearing a yellow t-shirt, make it stand out with an orange emblem on a gold chain. If you’re wearing a pink dress, add a necklace with a silver chain and a purple emblem. If you are picky about the chain, remember that silver can go with anything. Now you might be thinking, “Dresses aren’t streetwear.” But, of course, you can still rock your streetwear sneakers with them.

In addition to necklaces and bracelets, you can’t go wrong with earrings. If you are wearing a red and black tie-dye shirt, your black or red earrings will look nice. If you are wearing a gray shirt, black earrings would complement the shirt well. When it comes to jewelry with streetwear, you want to opt for badass colors and symbols.

There are so many stylish ways to wear streetwear in the summer. If the combinations listed above don’t interest you, that is just fine. There are dozens of ways you can transform your summer pieces into trendy outfits, especially when you shop with Rockstar Original.

While many people wear streetwear for cooler seasons, you can wear it in the summer as well. Here are some stylish ways to wear streetwear in the summer.

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