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Denim Jacket Fashion: Jean Jackets Then and Now

Denim Jacket Fashion: Jean Jackets Then and Now

Denim jackets have evolved from basic layering pieces to one of the most essential staple pieces you can have in your wardrobe! Here’s why denim jackets are a must-have and different ways you can wear them.

There was definitely once upon a time when denim jackets were considered the apparel of the working class across the world. Although largely known as an all-American look worn by cowboys, industrial workers, truckers and other laborers alike, the exact origin can actually be traced back to Japanese and French descent. No matter the exact place of inception, however, the denim jacket was collectively distinctive as being a laborer's uniform paired with denim jeans. The once sensible design has since transformed into a contemporary fashion cornerstone. This is so because denim jackets are not only comfortable and highly functional – they are also complementary to many different styles and trends.

The Denim Jacket Design: Then vs. Now

Historically constructed for purpose and performance, the denim jacket featured a non-stretch, yet relaxed fit. It had been developed with pockets throughout and front button plackets for versatility and convenience. Yet, the finer details of this once exclusively functional model is exactly what transcended a laborer’s attire into a modern day fashion staple piece. For example, the boxy silhouette and point collars became complementary attributes in the succeeding years of fashion. Come the rise of the Rock and Roll musical era, these jackets gained a trajectory that was full force ahead.

A Fusion of Practicality and Detailed Production

It was during the 1950’s that the denim jackets expansion truly unfolded. During this time, younger crowds and rebellious teenagers began to embellish their jackets with stitched patches, distressed detailing and bold dyes. The design of the jean jacket became lighter and much more fashion-forward. Today’s world of fashion showcases just how much denim jackets have evolved without losing its timeless original charm. Now that we’ve covered how intrinsic the jean jacket has become, let’s talk about styling this mainstay masterpiece. 

How to Wear A Denim Jacket in Contemporary Fashion

  1. Outerwear

You can style your denim jacket simply as an outerwear coat with any outfit for almost any occasion. Whether you’re wearing beach shorts and a tee or pleated pants with a button up long sleeve, pairing your outfit with a jean jacket will bring balance and totality to your look.

  1. Layering

Similar to an outerwear piece, you can layer your smaller outerwear styles with a denim jacket as well. For example, during fall and winter season, the perfect fall jackets for women and mens fall jackets is a denim jean jacket. This is because you can layer hoodies and pullovers with a jean jacket for an aesthetically pleasing look and added warmth. 

  1. Accent Piece

Denim jackets have become so versatile in modern fashion that they can be the entire centerpiece of any stylish outfit. Ladies can finalize a going-out mini dress with a cropped denim jacket or a casual daytime romper with a light wash jean jacket. Men can also pair a night-out look with a clean black denim jacket and jeans, or pair a two-piece shorts set with a white or other light wash denim jacket.

Denim jackets have been a reliable piece of clothing since its start because of its enduring usability. Whether styling for practical use or using it to complement an outfit as a statement piece, original denim jacket looks will always be a vibe. So don't forget how to wear a denim jacket is as easy and effortless as you make it!