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Date Night Outfit Ideas That Are Straight Fire

Date Night Outfit Ideas That Are Straight Fire

If there’s ever a time to pull out all the style stops, it’s date night. Our outfit ideas will help you make your next date a night they’ll never forget.

Depending on the relationship, the words “date night” may lead to different reactions. It may make you nervous, thinking of what you’ll say when you show up on her doorstep. It may fill you with anticipation as you picture finally getting to spend some time with your baby.

Whatever it makes you feel, one thing’s for sure: date night has us running to our closets and through our Instagram feeds like no other. If you want a fit that drips confidence and allure no matter the venue, here are some date night outfit ideas that are straight fire.

Going Out for Drinks

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first date or your fiftieth; this is the perfect lowkey date. No stress, just you, them, and a couple of drinks at the bar. But just because you’re chilling doesn’t mean you should sleep on your style. Here’s how to keep it casual while still being fly.


Men, you can keep it laid back with jeans and a T-shirt. But we don’t mean the ratty T-shirt and jeans you wear around the house. When you have a good shirt and jeans on, you can level up the look with a BA bomber jacket and your sweetest kicks. You’ll have a look that blends comfort and style that anyone will love.


Ladies, don’t think you can’t be sexy just because you’re keeping it lowkey. You can have it both ways with a pair of studded jeans, some booties, and a crop top. And if it’s cold out, you can still keep the heat up with a leather jacket draped over your shoulders. Don’t forget a little bling to bring out your eyes.

Movie Date

Now that we can go to the theater again, that means movie night is back on. This is another date night that’s chill, but don’t think for one second that just because the lights are down that you can get away with wearing your old, dumpy clothes.


Theaters get cold. So, you’ll want long pants even if it’s hot outside. Your favorite tracksuit is the perfect fit to wear to the theater because it’s eye-catching in the light, comfortable in the dark, and layered, which gives you options. And if your date gets cold, you can slip your jacket on their shoulders. This way, you can score some sweet boyfriend points.


Ladies, you want to be warm and comfortable too, and the best way to make it happen and still look fly is to wear an outfit pattered around a pair of leggings. You can wear them alone or with a skirt on top.

Seeing a Concert

Bright lights, pumping jams. The only thing that can make a concert better is having that certain someone roll up to the venue with you. This is the perfect place for you and your date to let your style shine.


If you’re going to going to a concert, you want to look like you could be hitting the stage any second yourself. Go for jeans and a graphic tee. Our recommendation? Go for one of our paint-spattered designs, like our Kodak biker jeans for a look that’s eye-catching and BA. To really bring this look home, add a snapback and one of our Rockstar Original gold chains.


When you dress for a concert, you have to balance style with the fact that you’re going to be on your feet and getting down while you’re at. Your best bet is to mix hot and casual with a dress and a pair of your dopest sneakers or boots. If you want to add an extra layer of urban drip, add a snapback and a jacket from our collection of women’s denim jackets and jeans. Toss on a pair of hoops and you’re ready to jam.

Hitting the Beach

Whether you’re hitting the boardwalk at Venice beach or soaking up the sun in Miami, there’s nothing like ocean waves and bright sunshine to inspire some other kinds of warm, romantic feelings.


All that sun gives you the perfect excuse to pull out your best snapback. It’ll also make all your brightest colors pop, so don’t play it safe with blacks and greys. Also, keep in mind that the beach means sand and mud. Leave the limited edition OG Air Jordans at home for this date, and slip into some slides that coordinate with your clothes instead.


If you’re on the beach, chances are you’ll be stepping out in one of our brand-new Rockstar Original designer swimsuits. But if you’re not swimming, you can still wear a bold sundress for lounging around.

Working Out Together

Do you want to put your relationship to the test? Test it in sweat. If your relationship can handle leg day at the gym, it can handle anything. Besides, there are few better motivators to finish your rep than a fine honey cheering you on.


Your fit will depend on the type of workout you’re doing. If you’re going for an early morning jog outside, you’ll want to go for a tracksuit. If you’re in the gym, wear basketball shorts and a T-shirt. If you’re looking for a confidence boost, try color combos that exude power, like black and red.


Working out is never kind to your makeup and hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sizzle during your workout. Like the guys, your look will depend on how cold it is where you’re working out. If it’s too cold, step out in a tracksuit that loves all your curves while holding your heat in. But if the workout is as hot as you are, it’s the perfect time to rock a crop top with your gym shorts.

Maybe you’re going to the first concert of the season, or maybe you’re hitting up your favorite dive downtown. Maybe it’s your first date, or maybe it’s your 100th. Whatever it is, it’s always worth it to try these date night outfit ideas that are straight fire to make it a night to remember.

Date Night Outfit Ideas That Are Straight Fire