Bringing 'Back Then' to Now: 7 Tips to Wear Vintage Well

Bringing 'Back Then' to Now: 7 Tips to Wear Vintage Well

How to style vintage fashion in a modern way. Stay on today's trends while incorporating the vintage fashion staple pieces from the most iconic decades.

They say old trends have a way of coming back into style eventually. This is evident with styles like the ever classic Mom jeans, flared pants and graphic tees. So how can you dress to impress with the hottest vintage vibes that never went out of style while still staying on trend? Here are 7 tips to integrate the vintage vibe with today's stellar styles.

1. Distressed Is Best

Distressed denim gets its inspiration from the countercultural resistance that commenced roughly in the 1970's. The British punk rockers expressed their rebellion by tearing jackets into vests and adding embroidered patches throughout their clothing. Since then, distressed denim has evolved into any denim piece that is designed with frays, tears, holes and worn designing. 

Nowadays, distressed fashion is no longer exclusive to punk rock. In fact, distressed denim is a must-have staple piece in any fire fit worn today. The best way to wear distressed denim is with contrast pieces such as a semi-formal tops or plain tees like our Octavio tee for Men or fitted corset tops like our gorgeous Marie top for Women.

2. Pair With Flare

The feminine urge to wear form-fitting flare pants everyday is so real and completely understandable! There's a reason this classic look is still one of the hottest go-to styles in the fashion world.¬†Flare silhouettes will hug all your curves in all the right places¬†‚ÄĒ giving you just enough flair for the perfect combo of a well-assembled yet relaxed look.

Flare jeans are perfect for wearing your favorite pair of Jordan 1s, platform booties or strappy heels. Whatever the occasion may be, flare jeans give you options and clearly never-ending style.

3. Crops Never Flop

¬†We can roughly trace back the beginning of crop tops to around the 1940's. This style wasn't necessary like the crop tops we're used to today with an exposed mid-section and other modern details. The crop tops born in the 1940's were meant to accentuate the hips and torso¬†‚ÄĒ creating a gorgeous feminine hourglass figure. Still, it wasn't until the late 70's when crop tops began to take¬†the fashion world by storm.¬†

Since then the crop top has become an absolute staple piece in fashion and is the go-to style with many different trends including distressed and flared denim. 

4. Tracksuit Sets Never Left

It's interesting to know that the first concept of a tracksuit was an ensemble created by a French sports company in the early 1940's to which they referred as "the Sunday suit."  Fast-forward to today and two-piece tracksuit sets are famous, if not mandatory, for chill vibes and Sunday fundays. 

However, tracksuits are most known for their comfortability and movement ‚ÄĒmaking them the best choice for athletics. Because of their versatility, tracksuits have evolved into a fashion icon and are widely worn today. They are easy to style with other prime streetwear pieces like puffer jackets and chains, comfortable enough for all day wear and stylish enough for any occasion.

5. Graphic Tees Are Key

 Similar to distressed denim, graphic tees came about during a time of counterculture rebellion. Because music played a crucial role in counterculture rebellion, graphic tees quickly grew in popularity when bands realized they could make money from their branded merch.

Graphic tees are still as expressive as ever and absolutely a key component in styling a vintage vibe look successfully.

6. Velour Allure

 Velvet and velour are classic vintage looks that surprisingly always fit the bill! It's so becoming that it's origin is difficult to place as its popularity fluctuated throughout the decades. From the 1960's all the way into the early 2000's, velvet fashion has always had a major moment making a bold statement.

You can pair velour styles with contrasting pieces the same way we suggest pairing your distressed denim or go even bigger and wear a gorgeous velour jumpsuit like our Tyra jumpsuit. Whatever the choice may be, you can never go wrong when wearing velour!

7. Hats Are Back

Although beginning as a symbol of blue collar workers, the trucker and bucket hats are now staple pieces in streetwear fashion. Bucket & trucker hats started originally as accessories for rural workers to protect their face from the elements while at work. It has since evolved into a functional piece of modern fashion.

Though not as widely accepted as distressed denim or velour fashion, these hats continuously flow in and out of the fashion scene for good reason!


So there you have it! Our 7 tips to keep in mind when styling your favorite fits with a hint of vintage vibes! Vintage style is an aesthetic that continues to grow in favoritism across the world of fashion. Though many trends go in and out of style at varying times, these key trends are always in and will definitely keep your look fresh and full of timeless flair!

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