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Is '90s Fashion Making a Comeback? Yes, But It's So Much Better

Is '90s Fashion Making a Comeback? Yes, But It's So Much Better

"Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years..."  

Ah, the '90s. 

LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" is the perfect background music for reading this post. Released in 1991, the song reminds us of the time when hip-hop music intersected with fashion to really launch the urban streetwear aesthetic.

We're talking about 90s fashion in the 2020s. Think bucket hats, matching tracksuits, and Adidas slides. Here are twelve 90s fashion trends that are back in the 2020s.  

How to Dress for the 90s Fashion Comeback

Now that we are bringing back the 90s, you’re probably wondering how you can dress for them in the 2020s. Here are 12 ways 90s clothes are making their way back into our closets and Instagram feeds. 

Bike Shorts

In the 1990s, bike shorts with crop tops and oversized blazers with big shoulder pads were all the rage. Today, the 90s aesthetic fashion has a new and improved take on the bike short, minus the gigantic shoulder pads. Look for cut-outs at the waist with matching cropped tops and cropped jackets. 

Crop Tops

Today's cropped tops for women are designed to show off your best assets. Check out cropped sweatshirts in tie-dye to really amp the 90s fashion feels. We're also digging the summer short sets with a cropped length, front zippers and drawstring hoods. 


Known as shackets (shirt + jacket) in today’s fashion world, these coats are slightly oversized and often worn as a shirt. Wear them buttoned up over jeans or leggings, unbuttoned over a crop top, or belted at the waist. 


Hold up: We know many people believe overalls might be a bit juvenile, but in the 2020s, overalls elevate your outfits. Before you dismiss overalls as child's play, check out Play The Game Short Overall and Donna Flare overalls. Both are modern updates to this '90s fashion staple. 

Bright Colors

Bright, neon colors were key to 90s clothing, and we've incorporated vibrant pinks, blues, greens and yellows throughout our Men's and Women's collections. The brighter and more oversized the look, the better. 


Bucket Hats

Buckets are back, and men and women alike can accessorize with this back-from-the-90s hat. Get your favorite crop top, mini skirt, knee socks, and platform shoes, and complete the look with a baby pink bucket hat

'Leather' Pants

Live out your biker fantasy with faux-leather or form-fitting Latex pants from Rockstar Original. This 90s fashion grunge staple will have you rockin’ out in style in no time. Check the modern twists of this classic look with stacked legs and lace accents. 


Smiley Face Accessories

The smiley face was a fashion staple for nearly everything in 90s fashion. Try a Smiley Chain Belt Bag from Rockstar Original to accessorize effectively for the 90s fashion comeback.


Adidas slides had a huge impact on fashion, as the streetwear vibe snatched the dad-shoes up and turned them into fashion must-haves. Slide are STILL on trend, and Rockstar Original has dope looks for men and women (and kids) to rock all year long.

Color-Block Tracksuits & Track Sets

We've combined two 90s fashion comebacks: color blocking and tracksuits/sets. Choose your favorite combinations and wear them all year long with T-shirts, sweatshirts, track pants, and shorts. Talk about an easy way to achieve a 90s fashion look without compromising comfort.

Wide-Leg Pants

Here's a fashion trend that just keeps coming back. Bell-bottom jeans of the '70s meet wide-leg pants of the '90s to create flare leg and wide-leg pants. They are back again, and better than ever. Choose a pair with patchwork accents, distressing, or tie-dye from Rockstar Original. 


While floral dresses were really in style in the 1990s, floral in general is back and making a statement. Today's florals are less "grandma" look and more  shorts or cropped floral puffer jackets to accent your outfit without overdoing it. 

Incorporating 90s Fashion Into Your Wardrobe Easily

Remember, no matter what you wear, choose things that are comfortable and fit you well. Just because something is back in style doesn’t mean that you have to wear it. Fashion is supposed to showcase your personality in a fun and playful way.

Put unique outfits together with your own touches to achieve the most authentic 90s fashion opportunities in your life, whether you’re going to school, work, the gym, or out to the club. The 90s fashion comeback is here to stay, so dig out your old favorite neon sunglasses, choker necklaces, snap bracelets, loafers, and claw clips, and don't forget to tag @rockstaroriginal on IG!