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Are Bell Bottom Jeans Back in Style? And How Do You Wear Flare Jeans?

Are Bell Bottom Jeans Back in Style? And How Do You Wear Flare Jeans?

Flare jeans and bell bottoms are back, baby. Here's what to wear with flare bottoms, including what shoes look best with this retro look.

For all those skinny-jean haters and those who've been asking, "WHEN will skinny jeans go away?" We're happy to report that in the 2020s, we're seeing more wide-leg bottoms, including a resurrection of '70s style flare bottom jeans. 

That said, skinny jeans are still very much in style, but for those of you who are just over it, you'll be pleased to know that you can create some dope looks with the retro styles. 

What's the difference between flare jeans, bell-bottoms and boot cut jeans? And, since it's been a minute since fashionistas rocked the flare jeans, what are we wearing with these blast-from-the-past bottoms in today’s world? Learn how to embrace this new flare jean trend and how to rock a bell bottoms jeans outfit. 

Flare Jeans Vs Bell Bottoms Vs Boot Cut

In fashion circles, you'll see wide-leg pants referred to as bell bottoms, flare bottoms and boot cuts. What's the difference? Here's the skinny on bell bottom vs flare jeans vs boot cut.

What are bell bottoms?

Bell bottom jeans get wider from the knees down, forming a bell shape on the leg, rather than a gradual widening like you'll see in boot cut and flare bottoms.

What are boot cut jeans?

Boot cut jeans fit slimly through the hips and thighs, with a gradual flare starting from the knee to the ankle. Below the knee, the pant leg is wide enough to fit over a boot, but it is not as wide as a flare bottom or bell bottom. 

What are flare bottom pants?

The leg of flare jeans has a similar cut to the boot cut, with a gradual flare from the thighs, wider than the boot cut, but not as wide as a bell bottom. 

So ... Are Flare Jeans Back In Style?

Yep, the 2020s have brought back trends from the 1970s, when flare jeans and bell-bottoms were especially trendy for women. Flared jeans generally suit pear-shaped and hourglass figures best, as they balance out the hips and thighs.

If you have an apple shape or a rectangular frame, try boot cut flare-leg jeans for more subtle flare pants outfits. Also, a high-waist flare bottom will help give you more curves. Flare pants outfits have come back in style because they elongate the body, creating a sensual and sophisticated look, and who doesn’t enjoy that? 

Now in 2022, the flare trend has evolved from accentuating the curves of a women to now accentuating the styles of men. Rockstar Original Men’s stacked flare jeans bring a subtle and masculine feel to the traditional flare jean look. They are subtle enough to resemble a relaxed, straight leg men’s denim jean, but flared enough to add that extra bit of heat to your ‘fit game. Check out RSO’s latest stacked flare trend now and level up your look!

How to Style Bell Bottom Looks

If you're still adjusting to a post-skinny-jean world, ease into the bell bottom fashion with boot cut jeans first. It’s the ‘lil  sister style to a bell-bottom, just with a slimmer leg opening.

Some of our favorite ways to style flare jeans:

  • Cropped hoodie + high-waist flare bottom + sneakers
  • Chain-mail top + flare jeans + wedges or platforms
  • Distressed black flare jeans + graphic T + stilettos 
  • Dark wash flare jean + light top + blazer + wedges (for a cute work look)

For a more RSO inspo, visit our Women's Flare Jean Collection.

What Shoes To Wear With Bell Bottoms and Flare Jeans?

When you’re styling your bell bottom or flare jean 'fits, you have lots of options when it comes to shoes. Some of the most popular shoes to wear with them include sneakers, wedges, platforms, combat boots, ankle booties, and yes, even flats.

To really lean into an authentic retro-but-2022 look, go with clogs, platforms and wedges. Stilettos are best for shorter, wider pants or pants with a raised hemline. 

For even more inspiration, follow Rockstar Original on Instagram.