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Guide to Buying Birthday Dresses for Women

Need ideas for a 21st birthday dress? 22nd birthday dress? Honestly, it doesn't matter how old you are because you deserve a cute birthday dress that matches your personality. Make a statement with one of these outfits from RSO's birthday collection. We have mini birthday dresses, birthday rompers, birthday tops, casual birthday outfits, and all other birthday fits. 

Birthday Outfits for Women, Product Insights

Price Range: $19-$35+ depending on special offers, sales

Popularity: Our mini dresses are popular and a great choice for a sexy birthday outfit. 

Pros: With a lot of different options and styles at RSO, you can choose what your birthday look is.

Cons: Cute birthday outfits like overalls and rompers are great for your big day, but may not be perfect to wear outside of your birthday. With RSO's affordable pricing, you don't have to commit to a big purchase for just one day!

Shopping/Styling Tips

Combo your RSO romper or mini dress with all of your favorites: Your favorite high-heels, favorite necklace, favorite earrings... Your birthday is all about you! For birthday outfit ideas, check out our Instagram for inspiration on different styles and fits. 


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The guide is not an exhaustive list and that prices and availability may vary.

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