Women’s Green Cargo Pants

We've taken the classic green cargo pant and added our own Rockstar Original touches. Look for light and dark shades of green with some olive and shades of neon thrown in for the perfect pop of color. We've also got urban design elements such as cutouts, distressed rips, and camouflage, plus wide-leg and super-wide-leg cargo pants. No, these are not your mother's cargo pants from the '80s and '90s! These are hip-hop style, streetwear fashion must-haves for women. What's unique about the modern cargo pant is their ability to go from casual attire with a pair of kicks to dressy and club-ready with a pair of strappy sandals. We're digging these looks, and so will you! When you spend $125 at Rockstar Original, we cover shipping within the United States. 

Green Cargo Joggers & Pants Women’s

The question we get often is, "what do you wear with cargo pants?" Browse through this collection and follow us on Instagram to see outfit suggestions. For a casual look such as with green cargo joggers, try a fitted cropped tee with flats or sneakers. With wide-leg green cargos, balance the loose look on the bottom with a fitted or cropped tee on top to create a composed, put-together look.