Drop Shoulder Top T-Shirt

The classic oversized tee is a staple for men who love streetwear aesthetics and athleisure. Made to fit loosely over your shoulders and chest, the drop shoulder tee is comfortable, flexible and made to be lived in. Featuring the same custom designs that Rockstar Original is famous for, these men’s dropped-sleeve T-shirts include RSO logos, custom graphics, and hip-hop-rocker influence. For the best in drop shoulder oversized T-shirt style, you're in the best place: Every design in our collection has at least one pair of urban style jeans, cargos, track pants or shorts that complements this style. Spend $125 on RSO online and we'll ship for free within the US. Did we mention shipping is FAST? 

Men’s Drop-Shoulder T-Shirt

What do you wear with an oversized drop-shoulder T-shirt? The key is to balance the oversized look above the waist with a fitted, flattering fit on the bottom. We recommend skinny jeans and stacked or super-stacked jeans. Follow @rockstaroriginal on Instagram for style ideas from our LA-based team and our favorite influencers.