Men’s Faux Leather Pants

Made from the softest, most breathable leather-like fabrics, RSO presents its Men's collection of faux leather pants. Our Rockstar designers created these faux leather jeans and skinny style pants for men who want to level up their streetwear style. Wear them with an oversized hoodie and a fresh pair of kicks. The faux leather is breathable and comfortable, and the perfect addition to your wardrobe. You might also find on this page some mixed-fabric jeans, combining our stretch denim with faux leather patchwork and accents. We are adding new items to this page as fast as our shoppers are snatching them up. Because many of RSO's designs are limited editions, we recommend you sign up for alerts when new arrivals drop! Don't forget: When you spend $125 at RSO, we cover shipping (within the U.S.).  

Pleather/PU Jeans and Pants

Call them what you will — pleater, faux leather, fake leather or vegan leather pants — these are not the cheap imitation leather that your parents wore in the 80s! Today's leather-look jeans and pants are made from comfortable, durable and high-quality vegan fabrics to create dope looks. Limited editions include skinny fit, slim fit, baggy fit and stacked flare.