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What To Wear for a Night Out: A Style Guide for Men

What To Wear for a Night Out: A Style Guide for Men

Men, when you go out, you want to make a statement. Our style guide is here to help you assemble the perfect ensemble for a night on the town.

Eventually, there will come a day when going out for a night on the town won’t just be a wistful memory. When that day comes, men, we know you aren’t just going to want to go out—you’re going to want to go all out, living life to the fullest. When that day comes, you will want your style to match your ambitions. If you want to know what to wear for a night out, a style guide for men is what you need, and we are here to deliver.

A Note on Venues

Obviously, what you wear is going to depend on what you’re doing, and our head-to-toe guide will take the venue into account every step of the way. But before we get into what styles men should wear for a night out, we want to give a few insider scoops on what to keep in mind for different venues.

The Bar

As one of your more casual venues, bars lend themselves to a more casual style. But basic shouldn’t mean boring. Take the lack of restrictions as an opportunity to get creative with your wardrobe. That is, of course, unless you’re going to a club with a dress code (though, let’s be real, who does that anymore?). Because bars get hot, you’ll want to skip the look that relies on heavy outerwear and go for an outfit that’s cool and comfortable.

House Party

House parties are a step up from the bar scene but are still pretty casual, depending on who’s throwing the party and how big it is. Even bigger parties are more intimate than the bar, so this is the venue when details like accessories will get you noticed. Make sure they are on point. Like the bar, things are going to get hot, so if you’re going to wear a jacket, make sure your outfit looks good with or without it.

Date Night

Three words, men: Know your date. If this is a girl you’ve been seeing for a while, she might have mentioned an outfit that she liked to see you in or a look she prefers. If it’s a blind date, think first about your venue. From there, think about expressing yourself. Consider mixing subtlety and boldness, such as wearing a black denim jacket with a bright, bold collar or a black leather jacket and your most eye-catching pair of Jordans.

A Concert

Unless you’re going to your friend’s gig at the local dive, this is the time to really go big or go home. Concerts are the perfect opportunity to wear your loudest and proudest colors, patterns, and textures. The exact look may change, based on if the concert is outdoors and what genre of music you’re into. Rock concerts lend themselves to denim and leather, while your best tracksuit and boldest graphic hoodie might be more at home at a hip-hop concert. Whatever the genre, use the opportunity to stand way out.

Fashion Tips From Head To Toe

Now that you’re visualizing the style of the different places you might end up, it’s time to get practical for everything you put on your body.



Snapbacks can make their way into almost any venue. This classic look can add a bold pop of color to whatever look you’re rocking—just try to make sure that the colors in your hat are somewhere else in your outfit. Otherwise, you can do a sleek black snapback with pretty much anything.


Beanies are a trademark of street fashion that can add a more laid-back touch to your outfit, especially if you’re flexing your denim or favorite hoodie. Depending on the look you want to go for, you can opt for different sizes and styles of beanies. If you have shorter hair or a long face, a shorter beanie that lies closer to the head may be your best bet, while baggier hoodies are the hat of choice for those with longer hair or a rounder face.


When it’s winter or your event is outdoors, it doesn’t matter how dope your outfit is. If your coat looks like an overstuffed garbage bag, your look is toast. Invest in outerwear that makes a statement while keeping you warm. Our Devon Biker Jacket is the poster child for this, mixing bold colors and eye-catching logos with a fur interior. Another option is to go for a layered look. If your good-looking jacket isn’t thick enough to keep you warm, layer it on top of a hoodie for a classic street fashion look.


For any event that doesn’t require a jacket, your top will be what sets the tone of your look. That doesn’t mean you need to overthink, though. Just remember our venue guide. A more laid-back setting like your friend’s house party is a perfect time to get out your favorite graphic T-shirt or sweatshirt, while a night at the bar may lend itself to one of our graphic polos. If you want to make a T-shirt look pop, add a vest on top of it like our Nipsey Flame vest or our 309 Luca vest.


A pair of jeans will work perfectly in any of the venues we’ve mentioned. The trick is to find jeans that fit your body shape well. You also don’t need to resign yourself to plain blue or black denim jeans. Even though sometimes, a simple pair of jeans is all you need to complete your outfit, there’s a whole wide world of graphic jeans out there, and our catalog is full of them. Find a pair with colors that complement the rest of your outfit to take your look to a whole new level.


If you’re stepping out in urban fashion, chances are you’re doing it in your favorite pair of sneakers. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Stick to a neutral color like white unless the shoe color matches the rest of your outfit. But know that as slick as white shoes are, they show dirt like few other things in your wardrobe will. If you’re going to wear them, be ready to clean them.

Even though the idea of a night out is more dream than reality right now, that doesn’t mean we have to sit around twiddling our thumbs. Keep scoping out our Rockstar menswear collection for the latest and greatest looks. And one of these days, you’ll have somewhere to wear them. For now, you can always rock them at home.


What To Wear for a Night Out: A Style Guide for Men