Rap & Rock Rage: How Rock & Rap Intertwines and Influences Fashion

Rap & Rock Rage: How Rock & Rap Intertwines and Influences Fashion

Two strong-standing genres somehow meet in the middle to create the greatest transfusions of styles ever seen!

The cohesion of contrasting genres such as rock and rap may seem too far apart to ever collide productively – however, over the years we have seen artists such as Jay-Z and Linkin Park, Busta Rhymes and Ozzy Osbourne, Limp Bizkit and Method Man, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Logic and many others bring this feat to life. These are just some of the artists who paved the way for what became known as “nu metal.” Fast forward to today’s new era, rap-rock is making a comeback that’s better than ever thanks to the rap-rock giants of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Artists today such as Trippie Redd, Machine Gun Kelly, Post Malone, DaBaby and others have reinvented this classic genre fusion into what is now known as “glock rock.”

Since the lines have been blurred between rock and rap, it’s no wonder the influence of the two coalesced styles has amassed an effect on the world of fashion as well. Music and fashion go hand in hand, and with the amalgamation of the differing music genres has come the synthesis of new-age streetwear fashion. Similar to punk rock fashion in the mid-70’s to early 80’s, rock-rap fashion also aims to embody rebellious individuality amidst a sea of societal conformity. In the 1990’s, hip-hop fashion was tough, masculine and focused on creating a street-credible ensemble. Since then it has evolved into more vibrant and individualized looks.

4 Timeless Staple Piece Styles: Metal, Rock & Rap Fashion Must-Haves

In recent years, stylistic innovations have been at an all time high in regards to individual creativity and how it is effectuated – however, throughout the assortment of externalizations, there are key components in really bringing the hip-hop, rap, streetwear style to life. Here are 4 key elements we see in hip hop culture clothing:

Rap-rock streetwear staple #1: Distressed Denim

Distressed denim jeans are always in style with hip hop fashion and rock ‘n roll clothing brands because of their versatility. We have seen a multitude of trends within the denim jean category because they bring to life that classic rock-rap look with ease. Styles like our Koontz 3.0, Exo Patchwork Jean and Morray Stacked Flare Jean will give you the exact vibe you’re looking for when rocking the glock rock trend.

Rap-rock streetwear staple #2: Graphic Tees

Another tried-and-true staple piece is graphic tees. These tees will always be a good style to pair with because of the individuality, vibrancy and comfort they have. Graphic tees essentially have a life of their own with custom prints, bleached detailing, paint splatter styling and anything else they are designed with to stand out in the crowd. Our Orlando, Clutch and Claydon T-Shirt’s are great styles that show up on their own in a unique and bold manner.

Rap-rock streetwear staple #3: Jerseys

If you’re feeling something a little more lightweight but still energetic on its own, jerseys are a great alternative to graphic tees. These tops will create the same vibrant energy but with more breathability with its mesh fabric and sleeveless design. Take a look at our Fender and Baker jersey’s for the dopest jersey styles that will pair seamlessly with our denim jeans.

Complete your rap-rock streetwear with staple #4: Jackets & Outerwear

Last, but certainly not least, layers are a must-cop to complete the overall glock rock style. Denim jackets, puffer jackets and even windbreaker jackets will all be the final pieces that will tie together the toughest glock rock looks. For our Rockstar babes, these layers are perfect if you want to rock cropped tops or even bikini tops. We recommend our Exo Patchwork Jacket, Izzy Puffer Jacket or the Reuben Windbreaker to finish off your fits.

These 4 elements are ungendered – meaning they will look good on anyone and everyone. Take artists such as Aaliyah, Rihanna and Lil Uzi Vert. They are just a few artists who have blurred the lines of what historically had been framed as either only feminine or masculine, and reinvented the parameters into something far more unique and diverse. 

Music continues to flow into many different wavelengths and styles as does the fashion that parallels it. The diversity that has been bred over the years by daring artists willing to venture into the unknown of their art will continue to foster growth within the industry for new artists to come – but it is always important to reflect on our roots and where it all began! How will you embody the essence of the past today? Show us on IG & tag @rockstaroriginal for a chance to be featured!    

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