Pool Party Swimwear and Outfit Ideas (For Him and Her)

Pool Party Swimwear and Outfit Ideas (For Him and Her)

Level up your look poolside with these dos and don'ts for what to wear to a pool party, whether you swim or simply want to stay cool and dry, poolside.

When you want to look dripped out at the next pool party, you want to put together an outfit that stands out. We have all the men’s and women’s fashion tips to help you dress for a pool party, whether you plan to dive in or stay dry. 

What to Wear to a Pool Party (Dos and Don'ts) 

When it comes to the best outfits for pool parties, the best pool party attire is whatever makes you feel your best. Our list of dos and don'ts are more about comfort and practicality, so you can enjoy your pool party, whether it's a casual event or a poolside cocktail soirée. 

Pool Party Outfit Dos

  • Wedges or sandals: Skip the heels and choose strappy sandals that are both cute and functional. Who said sexy can't be comfortable too? For men, casual slides are easy on, easy off and perfect for poolside.
  • Wear a cover-up: A flowy maxi dress or a cover-up is easy to throw on. A kimono-style cover up lets you show off your cute swimwear and still protect your skin from harsh rays. Guys, cover up with a lightweight short-sleeve zip-up hoodie or short-sleeve button down and, yes, it's OK to show some chest. 
  • A good-fitting swimsuit: Our tip is the same for men and women: Wear a suit that makes you feel good. After all, nothing is sexier than being confident in your own skin. 

Pool Party Outfit Don’ts

Again, the key here is to feel comfortable, but here are a few basic don’ts for putting together outfits for pool parties:

  • Oversize tees: Don’t hide your favorite bathing suit under a tee. Show it off, and don’t forget the sunscreen. 
  • Leather bags: Protect your precious leather goods and keep them away from the water. A woven beach tote can carry all your essentials and still look fashionable. 
  • Stiletto heels: High heels are always a no-go for outfits for pool parties. Find sandals or wedges that make walking on slippery surfaces safer. Easy on, easy off when it comes to poolside footwear.
  • Flannel: Who would wear flannel to a pool party? There's always that one guy. Stay cool by avoiding materials that stick to your skin and don't let you breathe. Choose cotton blends instead. 

3 Outfit Ideas for Women to Wear to the Next Pool Party

When you’re trying to come up with the most gorgeous looks for pool parties, here are 3 ideas for women:

  1. Wear a sexy robe or duster over your swimsuit: Try a kimono-style, sexy duster atop your favorite suit.
  2. Sexy denim shorts with a stylish bikini top always makes waves: Stand out in sexy denim shorts, preferably with a distressed, fringe-like hem, which will make any swimsuit top look fly. 
  3. form-fitting silhouette dress like the Heartbreaker Midi dress allows you to transition from day pool party to night easily.

Bonus Tip: Make sure your makeup is waterproof and sweat-proof and your hair is in a fashionable style when you’re learning how to dress for a pool party. 

3 Pool Party Outfit Ideas for Guys

Here are 3 ideas for men:

  1. Try a matching coordinated tracksuit short set: A two-piece tracksuit like the Loke short set makes an easy transition from your favorite swim trunks to the after-party.
  2. Protect your eyes and accessorize: Bucket hats for men will make any pool party outfit look even better and bonus, it protects your face and eyes from the sun. 
  3. Get your "set" together: A men's short set can easily be thrown on for any last-minute plans, including a backyard barbecue and pool party. 

Pool Party Clothes If You Aren't Swimming

When you aren’t swimming and trying to come up with stand-out pool party outfits, we got you covered (literally). To up your game for outfits for pool parties, add some accessories like hoop earrings, a chain necklace, strappy sandals, hats, or your favorite kicks.

Pool party outfits for ladies who don't swim: You can't go wrong with a sundress or fitted mini dress. Both looks let you catch rays and stay cool while you stay dry. Look for an oversized hat that you can easily stuff into your bag, for those moments when you need some shade. 

For men, try a coordinated athleisure set from Rockstar Original. You'll look good and feel better as you stay cool all day long in the sun. Ultimately, whatever makes you feel the most comfortable is the best outfit choice, whether for a pool party or beyond.

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