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Miami-Inspired Looks for Men and Women

Miami-Inspired Looks for Men and Women

Miami inspired fashion for men and women from the leader in urban streetwear. Guide to what to wear for a Miami vacay or Miami-themed party.

Nothing screams sexy and sophistication more than Miami. After all, many call it the sexiest city in the world. Not only is it fun in the sun with endless beaches and palm trees, but it’s also one of the great places in the world to take a selfie. Think bold, in-your-face graffiti-style street art as your backdrop. 

Miami-inspired clothing is diverse with bright colors, vibrant patterns, and also an homage to the late Gianni Versace with Versace-brand clothing all over the boardwalk. Their unapologetically sexy street style appears to be effortless. For non-locals, it may take a little more work to act the part, but we have you covered with this guide on how to dress like a Miami local with Miami-inspired clothing.

What is Miami Inspired Clothing? 

Obviously, the more skin the better in the hot sun of Miami beaches. Yes, it’s always hot in Miami, but ultimately, skin is sexy whether men or women. Miami loves bright colors. Anything loud is incredibly fashionable here. Another unique fact about Miami fashion is the bikini can be a complete outfit!

Miami Vibes Wardrobe Essentials

Miami streetwear looks for men 

When it comes to men’s Miami outfits, guys should look for these wardrobe staples that make getting dressed in Miami style easy. 

Matching sets

When it comes to men’s Miami outfits, matching sets are a must. Not only do they take the guesswork out of an outfit, but many of our Men's streetwear sets at Rockstar Original come in bold, vibrant colors perfect for Miami, like the Zepplin Tie Dye Short Set in bold, neon colors. 


Complete the look with a pair of Rockstar Original slides, coming in a variety of colors and patterns to match any Miami inspired clothing. 


A bucket hat is another way to accessorize and protect your head from the intense UV rays in the Miami sun. 

Tie-dye graphic T-shirts

Tie dye clothing in the 2020s is dope, with various styles, color schemes, and graphics that are sexy, sophisticated, and creative, all in one. Today's tie-dye graphics are core to the urban streetwear aesthetic, especially for beachwear in Miami.  

Miami streetwear looks for women

Ladies, we got you covered for your Miami trip (or Miami-themed night out)! Looking for outfits for a night out in Miami? Today's Miami club look is confident, sexy and bold. The locals work hard on their bodies and love staying active, so expect to see lots of form-fitting clothing that hugs their curves. Our bodycon dresses and skirts are perfect for hot South Florida nights. 

Sexy jumpsuits

Nothing says I’m ready for the weekend or the beach more than a one-piece jumpsuit or romper. We offer both casual athleisure and sexy on-the-town outfits to choose from. Our Leah romper in Orange is bold, sexy, and in-your-face, exactly like Miami wants you to be. 

Hot Miami style dresses

At Rockstar Original, we carry a variety of dresses that are perfect for hot Miami nights in the club. Two great Miami inspired clothing picks are our Barbie Dress in fuschia and our Amaris Chain Strap Mini Dress in Neon Orange.

Urban style swimwear

We said it before, but a bikini can be an entire outfit in Miami. The two-piece Vibes Bikini in fuschia has ruching for an extra sexy look. Pair it with a chain belt for a designer look. The Kelea Bikini offers a unique gold belt buckle for extra sass. 

Women’s matching sets

Just like men’s Miami outfits, women can enjoy the ease of matching sets. The Judan Skirt Set comes in a mix of bold colors with a mini cinched skirt and short sleeve crop top perfect for shopping, the beach, or out on the town. The Bianca Active Biker Set is perfect for a beach workout or lounging at the pool. Ultimately, remember, when it comes to Miami-inspired clothing look for urban streetwear that is sexy and makes a statement. 

Shop For Miami Inspired Clothing at Rockstar Original

When you’re looking for Miami inspired clothing, Men’s Miami outfits, and Women's Miami vibes styles, we have great wardrobe essentials for your closet. Find hot Miami style dresses, urban streetwear swimsuits, slides, bucket hats, sexy jumpsuits or rompers, bold, neon graphic tees, and tie-dye matching sets for your next trip at Dressing in the urban streetwear fashion aesthetic is easy with our large selection of quality streetwear looks.