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How to Wear a Tracksuit the Right Way

How to Wear a Tracksuit the Right Way

Many people wear tracksuits the wrong way, especially when the color and style do not match. Here are some tips about how to wear your tracksuit the right way. 

Trying to figure out how you can look as good as the celebs in track sets? Follow our guide on how to wear a tracksuit the right way and step out confident.

Wanna get on that athletic loungewear train? One easy way to start is by getting yourself a tracksuit—they’re back in style, and they’re even more comfortable than they were in the 90s. But there’s a right way to do it—otherwise you’ll fall into the trap of looking like a dope and not just looking dope. Wanna find out how to do it right and look fly? We’ve got a few pointers on how to wear a tracksuit the right way—don’t miss it. It’s your chance to look as fly like your favorite celebs.

Mix and Match at First

If you’re not all in on the tracksuit game yet, then start one piece at a time. Pair a jacket with jeans and Js. Slide on the pants with a bad ass coat. The problem lots of people have comes down to feelin’ like the Sopranos when they do the whole ‘fit—but that’s not the case anymore. When you follow our tips, you’re setting yourself up for a successful look.

A Few Options:

  • Track bottoms with a plain tee and a blazer
  • Track bottoms with a fitted sweatshirt and long jacket
  • Track bottoms with a crop top
  • Track jacket with jeans and Js
  • Track jacket with coordinating hoodie and joggers

Start Simple

When you think you’re ready for the two-piece set, start simple. You don’t have to go bold ‘til you’re ready for it. If you want to move slowly into the trend, start simple and sleek—go for an all-black tracksuit, or even an all-white one!

We have track sets with all white and silver stripes, all gray with our fire logo, all black, and so much more. Whether guy or babe, we’ve got the tracksuits you need to start simple and gain confidence!

If you wanna go for a bigger pop of color, you can take the next step in your tracksuit game. Step away from the neutrals and get into the classics. Blue and red are always a safe bet when it comes to this look—plus, they’ll go well with a variety of shoe options. Whichever way you choose, remember that the best part about wearing a tracksuit are the options available—you can wear it to fit your specific style.

Make Sure It Fits Right

Now, the biggest mistake people make when they try their hand at tracksuits is not getting the right size. Remember, big and baggy is Sopranos. Well-fitted, on the slimmer side, and conforming to your body’s overall shape is the move. One of the most important notes about how to wear a tracksuit the right way has to deal with fit, so don’t skip out. The stylish streetwear trend is all about comfort and mobility, not about feeling baggy and weighed down.


Guys, you want a fresh look? Then make sure that your tracksuit isn’t too loose. Pants that taper in a bit at the ankle give you the chance to show off your fire kicks. When it comes to your jacket, ensure that it fits well in the pits and sleeves—too loose will make you goofy.


Ladies, let’s be honest—we get a little more leeway when it comes to stylin’ our track sets than the guys. We can go tighter and look sexy, but we can also go looser and pull off that casual and sassy vibe. Pants can taper, but they can also be looser and work with heels and boots.

Go Bold With Your Kicks

Speaking of shoes, tracksuits give you a great chance to show off some dope shoes. You can instantly up your style game when you pair your suit with some fresh kicks. If you decided to go for a neutral set, then go with a bold shoe—don’t be afraid to add a pop to your look. From Jordans to Nikes to booties and high heels, guy or girl, your shoe game finishes up the overall look. Below are a few important shoe pairing tips.

Don’t Clash

Our biggest tip for pairing tracksuits with shoes has to do with matching. Don’t go with a red tracksuit and bright orange sneakers. If the colors clash, the outfit’s trash! But on the real—if you want your track set look to work, then you have to pay attention to coordinating colors. If your set has some red in it, bring in some red shoes—match those small colors and amplify your look and style.

Don’t Be Afraid of Heels

Ladies, like we said, you’ve got more options than the guys. So own those heels. Step out with a sexier outfit when you pair it with heels. You could even wear it to a fancier brunch with the girls! When you pair your set with heels, you make it a bolder look—and increase your outfit varieties.

Sandals Are a Big No

It’s simple—keep the sandals in your closet. That’s it.

Socks Make an Impact

When you’re choosing what sneakers to wear with the look, don’t discount the power of socks. For real—you’ve seen people step out looking weird because they paired mismatched socks with their Nikes. But even in the simplest sense, you don’t want a bulky pair of socks peeking out of the top of your sneakers. Socks that sit flush with your shoes will ensure total style.

Trickle in Patterns

So we’ve talked about the simpler aspect of tracksuits. But what if you’re confident and ready to step up your game? You don’t have to stick to solids in order to be fashionable—in fact, there are so many prints and patterns out there that could fit your exact personality. Stick with a solid tee underneath and you’ll be the most stylish person on the streets.

For women, we have leopard print, tie-dye, flame-printer, dollar-sign print, and even sunset and palm tree print tracksuits. Our Rockstar original tracksuits for men come in bandana prints, tie-dye, color-blocked, branded, and palm-tree print. You want to step up your track set game? You turn to Rockstar.

Like we said, if you wanna look like a boss, then you gotta shop with us. Our track sets for men and women range from simple to stand out, but both will make you look and feel confident. Step out feeling and looking bold, boss, and badass. Shop with Rockstar Original now!

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