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Are You a Rocker at Heart? 7 Signs You're a Rocker

Are You a Rocker at Heart? 7 Signs You're a Rocker

Is your fashion sense a mix of classic rock and hip-hop? Here are 7 signs you're an OG Rockstar with versatile style!

Whether you’re into classic rock, metal, hardcore, punk, indie, emo or glam rock, rocker style is distinct. Ultimately, for a rocker who is passionate about rock ‘n roll music, the style isn’t a trend, but a lifestyle. The rocker style can be both sexy and stylish.  

How to Dress Like a Rocker

The best thing about dressing like a rocker is that you get to define your style. Today's rocker fashion borrows from the best of the classic rock decades: flare-bottom jeans and tie dye from the '70s, leather and crystal embellishments from the '80s and ripped grunge fashion from the '90s. 

You'll see a lot of these features woven in to RSO's urban streetwear clothes for men and women

While there is a lot of crossover between the rocker look and urban streetwear styles, here are some signs that you may be a rocker at heart.

#1 You have more black than any other color in your wardrobe.

Let’s face it, black is the ultimate badass color. Whether jackets, classic rock and roll T-shirts, or combat boots -- midnight black is a powerful contrast color that exhibits rock' n’ roll style perfectly. 

#2 You have more than one pair of distressed jeans.

Distress, ripped, and torn denim perfect the edgy rocker look. Add a bold belt buckle and some studded combat boots for a real rocker look, or pair it with a jean jacket, crystal detailed jeans, or embellished tees.   

#3 Your clothes have zippers, buckles, and studs. 

You love to spice up your rocker outfits with studs and buckles on your jacket, boots, or purse. You're no stranger to rhinestone trim and zipper details on a biker-style jacket, bomber jacket, or (faux) leather pants.

#4 You have at least one leather jacket. 

Speaking of leather jackets, you have at least ONE leather jacket -- ladies have at least one cropped-length biker style for sure! Though black leather jackets are versatile in today's modern fashion world, this undying piece is a statement piece that works great for an edgy style. Pair them with leather pants or biker jeans for a true rock 'n roll outfit. 

#5 You own mostly Vans, Chuck Taylors and Doc Martens.

These rocker shoe brands have pretty much dominated the rock-star look with their sneakers and combat-style boots. That's all your feet need when you’re a rocker. Comfort and style. 

#6 You have at least one authentic vintage concert T-shirt.

A vintage band T-shirt is your go-to casual outfit of choice. At Rockstar Original, we sell an entire line of vintage-style concert T-shirts for you to add to your rocker wardrobe. Best of all, when you're wondering how to dress like a rock star, you can wear these band tees not just for the aesthetic, but because you actually know the music. 

#7 You love to accessorize. 

Whether cuff bracelets, stud earrings, chain wallets, or vintage belt buckles, the bolder the accessory, the more rocker it is. In the last two decades, we’ve seen rap and hip-hop influence the rocker look with chunky gold and silver chains, as well as bold crystal-embellished jewelry. 

Like you, the rocker style is hard to define.

In the same way the blues influenced the Beatles, country influenced Elvis, and guitar rock influenced Biggie and Tupac, your closet reflects your diverse taste in music. You're a little rock and roll, a little hip-hop, and don't be surprised to find a little country influence (trucker hats, anyone?) in your wardrobe.