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What defines a streetwear-style jacket for men? One of the most diverse collections of streetwear for men is the jacket. More than just a streetwear style winter coat, these jackets have attitude, edge, street style. Betcha can't have just one. Men’s streetwear style jackets come in several shapes, styles, colors and cuts: varsity jacket, letterman jacket, bomber jackets, jeans or denim jackets, puffer, leather jackets*, and, of course, the highly popular streetwear puffer jackets. This year you'll find even more choices from RSO's puffers -- note the Men's box crop short puffer jacket in addition to the traditional mid-length puffer with removable hoods. In other words: You got options.  Spend $125 at RSO, and we'll cover shipping for free within the continental US. 

Urban streetwear jackets: YAWA (you ask, we answer)

*Do you carry streetwear leather jackets?

Rockstar Original uses a leather-like material that is durable, high-quality and warm. It is lighter weight and less expensive than leather. If you see leather in our streetwear jackets, it's identified as "faux" leather or leatherette.   

What's the best streetwear jacket?

So, if you were to own only one streetwear jacket, what would we recommend? It's gotta be a puffer. They're lightweight, and they look great on any shape of body. The custom graphics from RSO's fashion designers are the icing on the puffer-coat-cake. Zipper pockets, drawstring hems, detachable hoods. Check, check, check. 

Do you carry streetwear windbreaker jackets?

We'll let our designers know you asked. Windbreakers have not been a core concept in streetwear style fashion, but we’ve released a few looks throughout the years. Who'd have thought letterman and varsity jackets, once reserved for preppy aesthetics, would cross over into urban aesthetics? At this time, we carry bombers, denim jackets, jean jackets, and puffers.

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