Red Puffer Jacket

Make a statement this winter with the Rockstar Original puffer jacket for men in vibrant red. You'll find finishes that range from matte to shiny to metallic red, as well as red mixed with white and blue, black and even some ombre red-to-blue hues. Many of the designs in Rockstar Original's catalog are limited editions, so you won't likely see these exact designs on anyone else. Note the practical touches: removable faux fur hoods, snap front closures (great for wintry days), elastic fitted cuffs (to keep your arms warm), and drawstring closures. Spend $125 at Rockstar Original, and your shipping is on us.   

Red Men's Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket in red. Look for waist-length and mid-length puffer jackets that sport the RSO signature designer finishes: urban streetwear graphics, zipper pockets, and more. Some red puffer jackets come with detachable hoods, which are great for winter sports. 

Red Bubble Coat: Stand out this winter in the red bubble coat from Rockstar Original. The hoodless red bubble coat looks great with a cotton hoodie underneath; complete the look with a pair of RSO biker jeans. 

Red Shiny Puffer Jacket: For even more visibility, check out the shiny puffer jacket for men in red. The metallic finish is durable and water-repellent. Read the deets on these jackets; some are handmade in our L.A. studio and filled with multi-functional goose down. 

Red Puffer Jacket With Hood: If you're looking for a red puffer jacket with a hood, you're in the right place. You'll find RSO puffer jackets with hoods, including some that are removable and some that snap close in the front for added warmth. Don't miss the faux fur trimmed red puffers for men!