Men’s Patchwork Jackets

Graphic patchwork is a core style of the urban streetwear aesthetic, and RSO has a full catalog of Men’s attire with patchwork accents. Here you'll see our patchwork jackets in denim, as well as our bubble coats and puffer jackets with patchwork accents. Many of the RSO designs are limited editions, meaning if you see something you like, you'd better grab it now! Don't miss our matching and coordinated jeans and pants with the same quality patchwork finishes. Spend $125, and we'll pick up the shipping tab. 

Patchwork Denim & Puffer Jackets 

Patchwork denim jackets (Men’s) come in a variety of colors, including distressed blue and black with patched graphics with RSO logos, skulls, crosses and even bandana patchwork. 

Puffer jackets for cooler weather include lightweight materials, high-quality zippers (zip-close pockets) and removable hoods. The finishing touches include bandana patchwork, RSO logos, crosses and graffiti accents.