Gilmore Shirt

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Unleash your dark and gothic side with the Gilmore shirt.

We all have our rebellious side. And for some of us, the best way to express ourselves is through fashion and the way we dress. The Gilmore shirt has printed death demon designs, so you’re sure that you are very liberal of what you are trying to express.

What’s more, the Gilmore shirt is made up of 100% cotton. Now you’re sure to express your dark side while being comfortable of what you are wearing at the same time. While most of dark-colored shirts tend to be uncomfortable when worn, or give you a hot and sticky feeling especially during the summer season, the Gilmore shirt gives you the opposite of these. And that’s all because this is made up of pure cotton so the material is breathable and keeps you comfortable for a long time.

Just like most of Rockstar products, we recommend to only dry clean the Gilmore shirt, in order to maintain its printed designs.

Experience comfort and style only with Rockstar.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Black Shirt
  • Death Demon Graphics
  • Dry Clean Only